Free Shave Ice

July 19, 2011

Deal: Free shave Ice from Sweet Home Cafe in Honolulu
The catch: You must buy a hot pot meal

Beat of Hawaii found an amazing free dessert deal from Sweet Home Cafe. Get a free yummy bowl of delicately flavored shave ice surrounded with tapoica balls, homemade almond tofu, gummy fruits, and coffee pannacotta. It’s worth paying for the food just to get the generous free dessert.

The food is authentic Taiwanese hot pot. You can pick many possible soup bases and your choices from fish to meats, tofu to vegetables, noodles and everything in between. Then choose from a huge assortment of amazing homemade sauces to complete your authentic Taiwanese hot pot.

The shave ice dessert arrived at the end of your meal with the check, so make sure you save some room.

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